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Is bigger better? 54000 students and growing, U. of Central Florida storms
A small state school launched here in the 1960s to develop employees for the space program has morphed into one of the nation's largest universities, using accessible admission policies and online instruction to fuel extraordinary growth in an era when …
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Editorial: Local university still getting high marks from website
Unlike some at other colleges and universities, you will never hear Morehead State University officials criticize U.S. News and World Report's annual ranking of the nation's institutions of higher education. That's because the popular annual report is …
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WMU earns top accreditation for landscape management

WMU earns top accreditation for landscape management
KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University has become just the fifth organization in the country to receive accreditation for landscape management and operations under a new, dynamic sustainability-oriented program established by the Professional …
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Seeking Your Feedback for Accreditation
This Public Notice announces the upcoming comprehensive accreditation review for Marylhurst University. Regional accreditation of postsecondary institutions is a voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulatory process of quality assurance and …
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Colorado School Blends Courses with Online Curricula

Colorado School Blends Courses with Online Curricula
The school employs a mix of online courses that students take at home and blended classes on campus. PGA uses FuelEd's personalized learning software, curriculum and content that calls for most students to work at their own pace at home three days a …
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CalArts Launches Open Online Game Design: Art and Concepts Courses on Coursera
September 7, 2015, Valencia, CA—California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is launching a cluster of online courses titled Game Design: Art and Concepts on Coursera, the world's largest open online education provider. With the first course launching …
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How to Start Developing Your eLearning Courses
The LMS is a software platform that delivers, manages and tracks results and generates reports for online courses and training programs that can be hosted in the cloud, remotely, or on local servers. There are many LMSs to choose from as online …
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England: State program covers technical college tuition
At June's grand opening of Lanier Technical College's new campus in Barrow County, Gov. Nathan Deal talked about one of the best educational opportunities available anywhere in the United States. It's right here in Georgia, and we don't want you to …
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UCF Alumnus' Online Booking Agency Named to Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing List
He saw his first business succeed and fail while still studying hospitality management at Rosen College, but persevered and eventually launched TripShock, an online booking agency for tours, attractions and lodging for the Southeast United States.
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For today's college freshmen, Google has always been there, and Diana's always
Every year since 1997, two men at Beloit College have published what they call the “College Mindset List,” a set of somewhat random facts and observations about this year's entering college class. It's sometimes criticized as shallow and for being …
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10 Worst Majors for College Grads Seeking a Good Job
While it's true that a worker with a bachelor's degree or higher typically earns 79% more than someone with just a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, what you study can be a better indicator of your future employability and …
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Perez, Duncan: K-14 model provides 21st-century education

Perez, Duncan: K-14 model provides 21st-century education
That's why President Barack Obama has called for free community college for all responsible students. With more than five million job vacancies in the United States right now, our training programs must align with employer needs, and the nation's …
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Missouri vs Southeast Missouri State Live Stream Free:Watch Saturday Night
We'll show you how to watch Missouri vs Southeast Missouri State stream and all Miami Open Tennis 2015 online live free in perfect high definition quality using any PC or Mac computer! It's possible! Now you can watch every game on Sunday October 28, …
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Mesa begins 4-year degree program

Mesa begins 4-year degree program
CLAIREMONT — Mesa College entered a new era Tuesday when a handful of students became among the first in the state to begin classes that could lead to a four-year degree at a community college. “We are really proud at Mesa College to be on the …
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2 proposed new degree programs advance at Arkansas Tech
The ATU Board of Trustees on Thursday approved letters of intent that will be sent to the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board announcing plans for a Bachelor of Arts degree in game and interactive media and a Bachelor of Science degree in …
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iSchool, Le Moyne Partner for Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs
Today's signing ceremony extends that partnership to the entire student body at Le Moyne, and adds a second iSchool master's degree program option. Previously, the agreement permitted students in Le Moyne's Madden School of Business to earn …
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Latest Online Degree Programs News

NYU To Offer Multiple Online Graduate Degree Programs
The first three online programs include graduate programs in speech pathology, counseling and guidance, and an advanced clinical doctoral degree in occupational therapy. The partnership represents NYU Steinhardt School's first online degree programs.
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Number of Online Degrees Increases
Some students take only one or two online classes while other degree programs require both online and classroom components. There are degrees, however, that can be earned exclusively online. Online classes at the UofA are offered through the Global …
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Why Are India's Top Online Retailers Running Free 'Universities'?

Why Are India's Top Online Retailers Running Free 'Universities'?
When Radhika Aggarwal and her co-founders set up online marketplace ShopClues in 2011, they also launched the ShopClues University. Of the 200,000 merchants that sell today on ShopClues, among India's leading online retailers, over 80,000 have …
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Online master's degree becomes more widely accepted – but still faces hurdles
Earning a master's degree from a for-profit online university may be a viable option, but many say it's not necessarily worth the bang for your buck. With the proliferation of people with online master's degrees, employers and job recruiters have found …
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Tuition-free online university sees newfound growth and attention
After three months of studying at Damascus University in Syria, Omar Alhalabi's life was uprooted. It was 2012 and the university had become a stronghold for the military. The Syrian civil war had begun a year earlier. Despite finishing high school at …
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Latest Online Degree News

University Of Missouri Offers 10% Tuition Discount For Online Degree Programs
The University of Missouri is offering in-state students a tuition drop on its online degree program, Mizzou Online, this fall. The school said Missouri students will save 10 percent if they enroll online, which costs about $ 82.86 per course. To …
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Clinton, Rubio could help online degree programs challenge traditional routes
Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio have offered education plans that would pull nontraditional degree programs toward the mainstream to reduce costs for students. Gregory Ferenstein reports that Clinton consulted Udacity founder …
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New York University Partners with 2U, Inc. to Offer Multiple Advanced Online
2U, Inc. today announced that it is partnering with NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development to launch multiple online graduate degree programs. The first three online programs – expected to begin classes in 2016 and early …
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Latest Accredited Online Courses News

Students at Insight School of Kansas Stay Home to Start School Year
ISKS is tuition-free, giving parents and families the choice to access the award-winning curriculum and tools provided by K12 Inc. LRN, +0.44% the nation's largest provider of proprietary curriculum and online education programs. For more information …
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Big Sky Discovery Academy announces expansion
Middle school curriculum will focus on interest-driven, project-based learning. Brenda, former academic advisor, IB school principal, and speech and debate coach will also take lead in coordinating online accredited high school courses, test prep, and …
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ImageIt begins. The first couple of weeks of college have, perhaps predictably, been difficult. The dentistry’s taken care of, at least for the moment, but there’s been a horrible cold going around, bad enough to keep me out of college for two days feeling miserable, and rob me of a nice weekend. But the upside is that I’m back, although still not feeling great, and come the 18th I’ll be running for election as student LGBT officer.

I already know the post’s going to be contested, so unlike the leader of Glasgow City Council (who sees fit to send me flyers about it) I won’t be running unopposed and get in automatically. Those who know me know that I have a wicked competitive streak, so it’s certainly tempting to wheel out the deranged bloodlust and vow to make a sandwich spread of the crushed spines of my enemies. But I’m not going to, on something vaguely approaching principle. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of a bunch of (largely) teenagers and tell them why you think you’re awesome enough that they should support you. So anyone who does that has my admiration to a certain extent. I’m fairly certain most, if not all, of the candidates for the various posts will be younger than I am, and they cared enough to run for them instead of just doing joyriding or flavour crystal meth or dubstep or whatever it is the kids do these days. That’s awesome.

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Thy Venom’d Stang

Well, of course I was going to pay for my arrogance, wasn’t I? I have three and a half hours before I have to leave for my first day at Langside, and for the past week or so I’ve been having progressively worse toothache. I’m not sure if it’s wisdom teeth, general neglect, or both, but the entire right side of my face hurts like a bastard, as well as my throat. It’s not swollen or anything, I just look like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. That’s about how I feel, too.

I’m just about getting by due to magical painkillers, but if it doesn’t recede on its own at least a little bit, there’s no way I can go in today. I’ll be trying to provoke neds into punching me in the face to get rid of all my teeth at once. Either that, or a complete zombie. So I’m waiting for 0830; that’s when I should be leaving, but also when the Glasgow Dental Hospital opens. If I’m not feeling any better by then, I’m making myself an appointment and not going into college until I can actually sit through a lesson or get any sleep without painkillers.


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I’m in. Now I just have to stay that way. I have a student ID card with a ludicrous photo, a small mountain of paperwork, and just under a week before my classes start. Since you didn’t ask, I’m enrolled for Highers in English, History, Psychology, Sociology and French. That’s a huge workload, complicated significantly by anxiety and having forgotten all the French I’ve ever learned.

Told you it was bad.

Of course, there’s more. There always is, with me. In a few weeks, elections for student government start. Compared to Croydon, it actually seems like it’s organised properly; affiliated to the NUS, proper positions and everything. So in keeping with my habit of getting overconfident and overextending myself, I’ve decided I’m going to stand. On the off-chance I actually win, you might be looking at the next LGBT officer. I mean, it’s not like I ever desperately wanted a position of responsibility in the past to satisfy my own insecurity and ego.

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Back to School

I have kind of a storied history with education. I went to an expensive, if second-flight, public school (public as in private, Americans) in south London, only to drop out at seventeen. I’ve always been highly-strung and weird. Highly-strung and weird and gay was not really a combination suited to that environment. Add in the pressure of A-levels, and it’s not wholly surprising. I had something like a nervous breakdown, spent what felt like six months in bed crying, and that was it.

I’ve spent basically the last five years trying to get back into education. Problem is, mental illness keeps getting in the way. My last attempt, at Croydon College, went pretty much the same. Stayed six months, and then essentially collapsed right before exams started. But, I’m either persistent or stupid, because I’m trying it again. This time at Langside College in Glasgow. Now, granted, I can cope with stuff a lot better now, and I actually have a support network in husband-shaped form. But I guess it also brings to mind an old idea; the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

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An Approximate Scot

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the mess that is the Scottish independence debate. Partly, that’s due to my own particular identity crisis. I’m half English and half Scottish, with a fair amount of Irish mixed into the Scottish side. I was born and raised in London, but most of my family are clustered around the west of Scotland. And for the past two years I’ve been living in Glasgow. That’s an uncomfortable confluence of circumstances, especially when forms ask me for my nationality and ethnicity. The first seems like an obvious ‘British’, but is that an ethnicity?

There’s a perennial thing in the British press about what, if anything, ‘Britishness’ means. For me, it’s a nebulous sort of catch-all. Am I proud to be British? Of course, history of violent colonialism and boy bands aside. I can’t really be proud to be Scottish, because until fairly recently I’d never lived here. My accent certainly marks me as English. But what’s Englishness? The playing fields of Eton? Grandmothers bicycling to church? I’m several counties and a couple of generations away from that seeming even faintly plausible. These days, ostentatious Englishness seems to be wholly the province of fat-headed racist morons and Morrissey. But I repeat myself. So fuck that, right?

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Stranger Here Myself

I can’t say I’m back by popular demand, because I’m not. Probably, on reading the tagline, a handful of people will have the same unspoken thought: “Who invited her?” I also can’t say I’m back because I had burning insights to deliver about the state of the world today, because I don’t. My name is Alex, and I have some opinions. I don’t particularly expect anyone to care much, but I’m writing them down.

I used to write a moderately successful blog about being seventeen and insane. I stopped being seventeen but kept being insane. At age 19, two years ago, I moved from London to Glasgow. I made a vague attempt to keep writing about it, and then… radio silence. I disconnected myself from the outside world; not wholly intentionally, but after a while it stops making any difference. I grew my beard, smoked a lot and wrote precious little. I did this because I don’t like people – not in the abstract, anyway. Certainly there are people I like, I’m just not very good with the species as a whole. Sometimes that means my relationships with people I care about suffer. I’m not very reliable. But I’m also 21 and (still) insane. I’m learning, and this is a part of that.

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